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Can I Remove Mold on My Own?


The short answer to this is: “Yes, in certain circumstances. Most of the time, however, you’ll want professionals to handle this job for a range of reasons.”

Mold in a home is a serious problem, and people often underestimate how much work must go into removing it. This is why the job is referred to as mold remediation and not just mold cleaning. Simply taking out some spray cleaners and a few rags won’t get the job done—especially if the mold resulted from extensive water damage. Remediation requires special training and equipment, and you’ll only find that with professionals like the Jarvis Restoration team.

When you can try to remove mold yourself

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, if the mold-affected area is “less than about 10 square feet (less than roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. patch),” then you can likely take care of the clean-up job on your own. Use detergent and water to scrub off the surface and take some safety precautions when doing the job. You may have to throw away affected porous materials like ceiling tiles and carpet. 

If, at any time, you feel uncertain about how to proceed with the job, then it’s time to call a specialist.

Why Professional Mold Remediation Is Important 

The effects of mold are extremely deleterious to a house, much more so than many other types of damage. 

First, mold presents a health hazard. Mold can produce harmful allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins. For people with allergies and asthma, these mold spores can be particularly dangerous. Any mold that manages to get into the HVAC system of a home requires professional remediation to ensure it is eliminated.

Second, mold causes extensive damage to building materials. It eats away at drywall, wallpaper, carpeting, wood floorboards, ceiling tiles, and more. If mold damage is extensive because of flooding, it can lead to the collapse of floors, ceilings, and walls. 

Because water damage seeps into materials, mold is often difficult to remove—mops won’t do the job! Professionals have the equipment and processes to remediate mold and ensure the problem is eliminated.

How professionals remediate mold

When you need mold remediation, contact us to set up an appointment for an inspection. We can gauge the extent of the problem and identify the types of mold affecting your home using both our own knowledge and special equipment like thermal cameras.

When it comes to the actual treatment, our technicians will use HEPA filters to filter the air and remove harmful spores from the affected area. We’ll take other steps to prevent mold from cross-contaminating other parts of your house. We vacuum all surfaces using a HEPA vacuum that will stop spores from re-entering the air. We continue the process with sprays and specialized cleaning cloths that break down the bond between the surface and the mold. In the end, we treat the area with an antimicrobial to prevent mold regrowth.

Our technicians are IICRC-certified and are experts in mold cleanup and repair. You can trust them with your needs for mold remediation in Orange County, CA.

For comprehensive home restoration services you can rely on, contact Jarvis Restoration today!

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