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Mold Remediation in Orange County, CA

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Whether the humidity levels in your property aren’t adequately managed or you’ve experienced unexpected flooding, mold is a very real and potentially hazardous risk for your Orange County home. It can grow just about anywhere–walls, ceilings, furniture, and even in flooring. Jarvis Restoration is the mold remediation company you've been looking for!

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For expert mold restoration services throughout all of Orange County, you needn’t look any further than our team. Our IICRC-certified employees are experts in mold cleanup and repair. We’ll help you avoid the byproducts of toxic mold that can affect the health and well-being of you and your family!

Rest assured when you contact Jarvis Restoration for your mold abatement needs that your property will be handled safely and effectively. Reach out to our team today!

Mold Remediation Services in Orange County, CA

Mold Cleanup

Using high-tech and verified techniques and equipment, our mold remediation specialists are able to contain and effectively remove any mold that grows on your property. This starts with an assessment, where we come out to inspect the walls, ceiling, floors, etc.

We identify mold types and plan the removal process and restoration of your structure. Cleanup is about so much more than simply drying up water after a flood or other types of water damage. Our team understands this, which is why we provide such high-quality work.

Mold Repair

Our expert technicians can immediately contain mold growths around the home, no matter the type of mold it is. This will help us restore your home efficiently, and minimize your inconvenience.

Mold Prevention

Our specialty at Jarvis Restoration is mold prevention! No matter how much water your property took on, leaving any part of your property wet can lead to mold growth in just a few short days. If your property suffers water damage, you should contact us right away so we can start implementing prevention techniques such as using dehumidifiers to ward off mold growth, rot, and warping.

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