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Why You May Need Emergency Board Up Services


At Jarvis Restoration, we help during all phases of structure repair for homes and businesses after they’ve sustained severe damage from storms, fires, floods, and more. We understand how important it is for our customers to have a single company they can rely on every step of the way, rather than deal with the risks and delays of turning to separate contractors.

When you have an immediate need for structure repair in Orange County, CA, one of the first services you’ll likely need is an emergency board up. What does this mean and why is it so critical after a business or home sustains damage?

The Emergency Board Up

Boarding up is a temporary way to protect a building from sustaining further damage after a major event like fire and flooding. A disaster can leave a home or business with smashed windows, torn-off doors, collapsed walls, and smashed-in roofs. This leaves behind a building that may be structurally unsound and exposed to the outside. Almost certainly the building will not be able to be tenanted during the restoration period—but action needs to be taken immediately to secure the location and prevent further damage from external sources. This is what an emergency board up is for. 

Boarding up a building requires putting in wooden boards to close up holes, broken windows, and lost doors. Although boarded up buildings don’t look attractive, they will remain secure during the restoration process. Once the board up is finished, the rest of the repair work can proceed.

Why You Need Emergency Board Up for Your Damaged Home or Business

  • Protection from the elements: Although Orange County doesn’t see extreme weather conditions like in other parts of the country, wind, rain, and sun can do significant damage to a building that’s exposed to the elements. Rain coming through the holes in the roof is especially damaging. A board up may not be as weather-tight as standard walls, doors, and windows, but it’s enough to keep additional damage at bay.
  • Protection from vandals: An empty, damaged structure is an invitation to looters, thieves, vandals, and squatters. It’s like leaving all the doors and windows open on a house with a sign announcing it. A board up gives your property security to keep out the unwanted.
  • Protection from animals: An open building is also a big invitation to all kinds of pests. Rats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, and other unwanted creatures will enter through broken doors and windows looking to find shelter and set up nests. The amount of damage these animals can inflict on a structure is immense when they have this free access, not to mention the general mess they make.

Call Us for Emergency Board Up Services

We are ready to handle the long haul of your structure repair. But the first step you need to take is to have the building secured after the disaster so you can at least have peace of mind. You can rely on our restoration experts to quickly have the property boarded up so you can get started on the next phase. 

For comprehensive home restoration services you can rely on, contact Jarvis Restoration today!

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