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Preparing Your Home for Spring


The winter weather in Southern California was colder than usual this season, with a lot rain and many days down in the 50s. (Yes, we can hear people on the East Coast and the Midwest laughing at what we consider “cold,” but it’s still cold to us.)

Relief is coming, because spring officially starts next month. It’s time to help you get your home ready for spring, and we’ve got some good tips to help you. 

Clean your gutters

Because of the serious downpours of the winter, the gutters in your home have had to work hard at their job. Quite a bit of detritus may have collected in your gutters and their downspouts. It doesn’t take long to clean them out especially since it can help prevent avoid. Plus, clean gutters just make your house look nice, and isn’t a sense of renewal an important part of spring? You only need a ladder, a hose, and a small rake to effectively clean out your gutters.

Check for roof damage

People often forget about the roof over their heads until they really need it. The stormy winter season may have damaged shingles on your roof to allow water to seep down into the roof structure. This can eventually lead to an expensive need to replace the roof.

While you’re up on the ladder cleaning out the gutters, take time to visually inspect the roof. What you’re looking for are dark marks, shiny patches, or any shingles with cracks in them. Look at the flashing and other metal parts to see if there are any dents. If you do see any signs of damage, contact both your insurance company as well as a roofing contractor so you can see if your insurance covers any necessary repairs. 

Repair windows and screens

Look over your screens to see if there’s any warping or damage from the winter storms. You may even find holes and ripped sections. You want to be able to enjoy fresh air entering your house during the spring, and you can’t enjoy that with damaged screens. Replace any of the screens that are ripped or warped.

Have the windows washed

This is just part of making spring brighter and fresher for you and making your home look attractive. You can handle cleaning some of the windows yourself, but we recommend hiring professional window washers to take care of the upper exterior windows.

Air out your house

While we’re on the topic of fresh air, we recommend you give your house a good airing out to remove all the stale air that can gather, trapped, indoors in the winter. Open up all the windows and doors for an hour to let fresh air circulate through. We recommend you do this before the weather starts to turn warmer because that’s when the pollen count will go up, and you don’t want that or other allergens welcomed into your house. 

If you need any restoration services for your house after winter, such as water damage restoration in Orange County, CA, simply contact Jarvis Restoration.

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