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Hidden Dangers of Untreated Smoke Damage in Your Home


Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. That’s inverting the standard saying, but it’s important for homeowners to realize the enormous threat that smoke damage poses long after a house fire has been put out. Managing smoke damage is a crucial part of the fire damage restoration in Orange County, CA that we do.

Smoke is insidious. It can seep into the seams and material of your house and leave behind hidden dangers that not only endanger your house’s structural integrity but threaten your family’s health. We understand that if you’ve just gone through a fire in your house, you’ll be focused on the destruction you can see. But the hidden dangers, such as smoke damage, are often even worse because they’re harder to address and are sometimes simply ignored. 

We’re going to examine several of the often overlooked risks that come with fire damage that goes unaddressed: we want you to know why swift restoration is always the best path when it comes to the aftermath of fire damage. So let’s take a look at these threats that may linger after the dangerous flames have gone out. 

Respiratory Health Risks

Smoke inhalation is one of the biggest dangers a fire poses. After the fire, this danger lingers in the smoke particles and toxins that can lead to respiratory problems, like asthma. Imagine your entire home taking up a smoking habit and what that will do to your lungs!

Structural damage

Smoke will weaken the structural integrity of your home over time. It can create corrosion, weaken materials, trap moisture inside materials, and create an accumulation of what’s called smoke deposition that affects the load-bearing capabilities of support beams.

Erosion and Corrosion

The residue of smoke is acidic, and this is extremely damaging to metal surfaces, triggering corrosion and leading to material erosion and long-term damage.

Odor Permeation

Do you want your house to reek of heavy smoke for years to come? A basic cleaning after a fire won’t eliminate the persistent odor of smoke when it permeates the materials and furnishing of your home. Only full restoration can remove the lingering odor.

Hidden Fire Hazards

Smoke deposits create a continuing fire hazard, making it easier for another fire to start in the home and possibly do damage even faster. 

Health Issues for Vulnerable Individuals

Lingering smoke particles are highly hazardous for children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing health conditions. 

Mold Growth

Moisture combined with smoke residues creates an ideal environment for mold growth, leading to a new set of health and structural concerns due to mold rot.

Electrical Issues

Smoke can infiltrate your home’s electrical systems and possibly cause short circuits and a range of other electrical malfunctions. 

Lower Property Value

If you let smoke damage go untreated, it can significantly lower the value of your house on the market. You may have trouble selling a home in a competitive marketplace because of the effects of smoke damage.

Insurance Complications

As with other types of home damages, moving slowly to address problems can lead to trouble with insurance claims. Insurance providers may reject a claim based on negligence. Please don’t delay calling us after your home has suffered from fire damage.

For comprehensive home restoration services you can rely on, contact Jarvis Restoration today!

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