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This Season’s El Nino is Inviting More than Just Rain

If you’ve been anywhere near your smartphone, laptop, tablet or television in the last few months, you’ve definitely heard about this year’s coming El Niño.

While this weather occurrence is natural and occurs every two to five years either as El Niño or the opposite, La Nina, quite a lot of buzz is being generated due to meteorologists predicting that this year’s El Niño is developing to be very big, very powerful, and very devastating. Before you start stocking up on food and supplies to ride out what the media is promising to be a very serious season, however, there are a few things about the coming weather you should know.

What is El Nino?

El Niño is simply defined as above-average sea surface temperatures occurring in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean. This higher temperatures mean that certain areas of North America are in for a very wet winter. In past years, the actual weather El Niño brings has varied due to where warm water temperatures are centered over the ocean. For the 2015-2016 season, however, many meteorologists including AccuWeather’s Brett Anderson believe that this El Niño “will be one of the strongest El Niño’s over the past fifty years.”

Preparing for the Return of West Nile

While El Niño is expected to do some good in California, others are worried about a huge resurgence of the West Nile Virus, which was a serious epidemic less than a decade ago and is now affecting us today. Hundreds of Californians are infected with West Nile virus each year, but experts say that with the ongoing drought, the influx of precipitation, and the likelihood of some serious flooding, factors are aligning for a bad year for the virus. One of the main concerns is standing water left after storms could be prime breeding grounds for mosquitos, the main carriers of West Nile.

Of course, taking certain precautions such as draining standing water and using insect repellant are the best ways to fight this virus, but it is important to always be watchful. To keep up with the virus and how it’s affecting California this year, go here.

Wherever you live in California, there are measures you can and should take to prepare your home and your family for the coming storms.

How this Year’s El Nino will affect the United States?

It is estimated that California and the eastern half of the United States are going to bear the brunt of the storms El Niño is set to bring this year. Storms carrying heavy rain and snow are most likely going to pound California throughout the late fall and early winter, prompting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to urge Californians to take certain safety precautions. However, while many see the influx of moisture as something to worry about, many others are viewing this as relief for one of the most devastating droughts in California history.

While some meteorologists warn of flooding and mudslides throughout California, something very likely especially following the recent wildfires that have burned and flattened millions of acres of land, others are focusing on how the state is set to receive a high amount of mountain snow, which is sorely needed to fill reservoirs in the spring. It is important to note that El Niño will certainly not end the drought, but Accuweather meteorologist and expert Ben Noll feels it will “certainly put a dent in it.

On the east coast, El Nino’s power is expected to fuel heavy storms in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, but no one is sure whether these storms will bring rain, snow, hail, sleet, or a combination of all four. For those living on the east coast, keep watch and do your research.

The Bottom Line

Despite all the worry about the coming El Niño, it’s always best to do your research, be prepared and watch and wait. While it’s easy to get caught up in the hype the media sets, it never plays out well. Stay calm, be watchful, and be practical about your preparedness.

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