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Orange County Water Damage

Jarvis Restoration specializes in emergency services, restoration contracting, and your peace of mind! We take charge of your job from beginning to end, including billing your insurance company for you. We've helped thousands of people return to their lives after suffering from a major disaster.

Orange County Water Damage & Mold Removal

Jarvis Restoration will completely restore any damage to your home or business resulting from water, mold, fire, or earthquake.

Anywhere in Orange County in ONE Hour!

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Jarvis Restoration - The Best Water Damage Removal & Restoration Company in Orange County

Everyone wants to protect their families in a safe environment, however, there are times when unexpected disaster strikes. When it does, you need a water damage removal & restoration company who can deal with it quickly and efficiently. Chaos may arrive in many guises such as hurricanes, fire, burst water pipes or even fast spreading toxic mold. Expert assistance will help you find your feet again.

Such unexpected upheavals may damage either your home or business premises, or even both, and cause untold wind and water damage to entire structures. When disaster of this magnitude strikes, it is imperative that you obtain expert advice as soon as possible. While there are several companies that offer excellent services to assist people at such times, there are some things you need to clarify before you hire a specific company. Jarvis Restoration has been serving Orange County for over 35 years.

Water problems can occur from something as small as a leaking pipe to an event such as area flooding. Jarvis Restoration will offer solutions to any kind of water damage, no matter how small or extensive the damage is. When water damage occurs, our team of experts moves quickly and arranges storage for your valuable items and then begins drying the entire structure.

Proper and thorough drying is vital, as a damp building can exacerbate the growth of dangerous molds. If the structure is not dried quickly enough, wood will become damaged and metal surfaces will start to rust. Quick, efficient drying is of the utmost urgency, as is cleaning the structure and removing all debris. Our water damage removal experts work with all insurance companies and know how to restore a property to the exact requirements of such companies. This will allow any insurance claims to be processed more efficiently.

Many of the services available tend to focus on only one aspect of disaster management and leave the rest to you. Jarvis Restoration offers a wide range of emergency services on hand to offer solutions for any eventuality. These may include plumbing assistance or asbestos removal.

Depending on the disaster, you may also require securing of property or emergency aid. What if your home or business is damaged by devastating winds or fire? A quick evaluation of the damage as well as securing the damaged area against unwanted entry is important. After that, our highly skilled will restore the building to a pristine state.

People undergo immense stress when their home or workplace is damaged. It does not matter whether it is wind, fire or water damage, the anxiety is typically high at these times. This stress may cause you to choose any restoration company simply to obtain the quickest relief. Jarvis Restoration is very top of their list of priorities. Our professionals will provide support and answers to help you and your family through extremely difficult times. Our teams work efficiently at restoring your home or business, while offering solutions and advice regarding storage, insurance and myriad other needs.

Our water damage removal & restoration company offers expert assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the week, for none of us can foretell when disaster is going to happen. Knowing that our experts are available whenever you need them will allow you to relax and leave your problems in their capable hands. This will bring peace of mind, and allow you to quickly rebuild your home or business with help from the very best team available.

Emergency Services:
Water Damage
Water Extraction
Sewage Extraction
Structure Drying
Content Drying
Mildecide Treatment
Debris Removal
Water Repair Fire Damage
Mold Removal
Mold Containment
Set Up
Asbestos Removal
Emergency  Packouts
Security Board-Ups
Water Leak
Complete Structural Restoration:
Flooring: All Types
Carpentry: Finish & Major
Drywall Repair and Replacement
Contents Cleaning/ Restoration/Replacement:
Carpet Cleaning--Tile Cleaning
Flooring--Upholstery Cleaning Deodorization--Storage Services
Fine Furniture Dry Cleaning
Fine Art Drapery& RugCleaning
Electronic Reclamations
Document Restoration
Appliance Repair
Air Duct Cleaning